Nick Knox. The lovely and brilliant composer, singer and pianist from Dunedin, NZ

Das Marsyasprojekt. Arty collaboration on the myth of Marsyas

The Jealous Curator. Curated contemporary art

The uncountable laughter of the sea. Most beautiful irish film and poetic meditation

Entdeckungsarten. Artworkshops for kids in Mainz

Bukafski. Lovely bookshop with great coffee in Mainz

Ingeborg Schöpf. My favourite opera singer from Dresden

ARTorna. Professional scenery and event production in Dresden

Stoneworkfarm. Small diversified farm of my friend and Sailor John near Portland

Where are the women artists? Database with a mission to highlight female identified artists

Visionary Art Collective. Artist database and online exhibitions to connect contemporary art and education

Voll klimatisiert – das klimatische Denklabor. German podcast about climate change by Laurens Heintze and Gregor Gärtner