Vita & Exhibitions

Developing her work over several years until she felt ready, Sandy Lang started taking part in group exhibitions in Berlin, Prag, Portugal and Florida and worked towards her first single exhibition, which was 2016 in a lovely location called ‚poor and literate‚ in Berlin. Though she likes working in nightly solitude by her own pace, she also did arty collaborations, including production design and scenery for two short films and created paintings for the temporary art collective „Marsyasprojekt„. During the last years she took part in several online exhibitions such as „Her weight in Gold“ by Visionary Art Collective and „Unity“ by The Holy Art Gallery in London and was featured in Magazines and art directories. Her recent work is a big series of oil paintings on the topic of imaginative encounters, embodied by her figurative ensemble with references to poetry, historical images and a little bit of outer space.