Throwback to my very first exhibition

In February, ten years ago I took part in my very first group exhibition and this was quite a big deal for me. While practicing art on a regular basis since I was seventeen, it took me until my thirties to decide whether or not I would want to make my art work public, feeling weird to call myself an artist, imposter syndrom big time! Once I came around, I would like to give it a try, the big question as for all artists was: where to start. Being accepted to artist calls and exhibition opportunities often seems to require a certain amount of experience to show off in your vita. Being a self taught artists can make it even harder to get involved in exhibitions where an art degree is required for eligibility. In Berlin, where I lived at the time, there was a one time opportunity for all artist of any background to exhibit in a group show called „Macht Kunst“. So many artist applied, people were queuing like three blocks to hand in their paintings for the exhibition. Me among them hoping to get accepted pushing myself to be brave enough to be an artist in public sight. Afterwards other opportunities came and went and I learned to get more confident in working to find my little niche out there. Here you see baby me queuing, inside the exhibition and with my painting Half a smile to verocity, both proud and anxious.